Light is a very important element in nature.
When we design the light, we have to take care that you feel the transience of natural light.
It will lead to “good light”.

muse-D will understand the historical background in various scenes, We will continue to propose a lighting plan that fits the times.

Lighting Plan & Process

Planning & Design

  • Phase1
  • Phase2
  • Phase3
  • Phase4
  • Phase5
  1. ResearchGrasp of space・Orientation
    • Owner or designer’s demand
      (Meeting of request・Architectural outline・Concept・Budget etc)
  2. Project・Basic planIt participates from a basic plan and the conceptual stage of construction and the interior, and the concept of the light along the plan is designed.
    • Concept of light
      (Theme of light・Zoning of light・Image collage of light)
    • Style of interior or lighting
    • Production of lighting
    • Image of light
    • Decision of lighting plan
  3. Basic designWhat kind of light and product・Concept of light is replaced in the result of light. And, it develops with the lighting technique.
    • Decision of lighting requirement(Color appearance or Color temperature・Illuminance etc)
    • Decision of basic lighting layout(Lamp・Lighting technique・Product etc)
    • Investigation of use product
    • Decision of light control
    • Decision of special lighting product
    • Check of lighting requirement
  4. Execution designThe content decided by a basic design is examined in detail, and the approval decision of the detail is done.
    • Final decision on execution lighting layout
      (Lamp・Lighting technique・Product design etc)
    • Draw lighting detail plan(Indirect light etc)
    • Final decision of light control
    • Final decision of special lighting product
  5. Construction・EstimationConfirmation of result・Examination
    • Construction attendance after lighting is set up , Lighting adjustment
    • Confirmation of result of lighting
    • The photograph and the drawing are left as data.

Lighting Consulting

Continuance guidance to corporation and company

The lighting consulting business is a business that doesn’t need the design outputs of the lighting plan and the design, etc.

  • Guidance consulting to corporation and company concerning lighting field
  • Investigation of lighting environment etc.
  • General guidance and advice of lighting environment.

CG simulation

We have been made to lighting simulation by 3DCG.

Energy Saving

muse-D has the support of energy saving existing lighting to protect the Earth livable lead to the next generation.

We will propose a beautiful light environment by utilizing the know-how of lighting design gained up to now, which balanced the high design and energy saving.

Introduction example Tokyo Midtown conference room

Light Tomorrow with Today

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Company Outline


Name muse-D Co.Ltd.
Address 5F Yamate Building
Google Map
Established April.1.2006
Capital 10,000,000yen
President Imazu Shinya
Employees 7
  • Lighting planning or Lighting design.
  • Consulting for lighting.
  • Designing for special lighting product.
  • Planning and produce in new product development.
  • Energy conservation proposal with lighting
Banking Institution
  • The daiichikangyou Credit cooperative/Meguro Branch
  • The risona Bank,Ltd./Meguro Ekimae Branch
Joining group
  • IEIJ
  • ldea
  • JLCA